“Yes mate for sure.. But I think one day KISS ANKLE TECHNOLOGY will be one of the most important choices for ankle injury prevention in football”
Kostis Sidiropoulos  FC Barcelona Innovation Hub. Team Physician - Head of medical at Greek football federation
"Very generous of you to offer me a brace to try. I'm endeavoring to use my engineering brain to figure out independently what I think it accomplishes, so this would be a good opportunity to see that exercise through to completion. My right ankle is the one that has gotten a bit beat up over the years, and I wear a U.S. size 12 shoe.”
Donald D. Anderson, Ph.D. Professor, Orthopedics & Rehabilitation. Professor, Biomedical Engineering. Vice Chair of Research, Orthopedics & Rehabilitation. Director, Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory
"I will bring him the sample brace you provided me at the conference.
As you know ~25% of all NBA players will sprain their ankles and miss games this year.
Always interested in learning more.”
NBA Doctor.​ Director, Performance Research & Development
"I would be keen to do the 4D CT study. Appreciate cadaveric studies have no side effects on the participants but active rather than passive functional tasks may be more translatable to the live athlete. The radiologists at imaging associates box hill are keen but equally if you have access to a 4D CT closer to home, by all means run with it."
Dr David Long – Ankle Surgeon Sports Doctor at Olympic Park Sports Medicine Clinic
“Hi Craig, interesting concept, in line with this years theme- innovating surgery. We will have quite a few orthopedic surgeons from Switzerland, EU, US and Asia. If you would be interested in hosting a stand during the Exhibition, or if you would like to present your results in one of the orthopedic sessions please let me know!”
Konstantinos Vakalopoulos, MD PhD Congress president European Society of Surgical Research (ESSR) 2019
“I have been recommending your brace for about 6 months or so. John Cory brought it to my attention and I am fully in support of it.  I love the brace(although it needs tweaked a bit for smaller feet) and have used it with a dozen or so athletes in the past few months.”
"Brilliant...Brilliant" Dr J Cory - Ankle Surgeon Arizona at FCB Barcelona