For over 25 years our unique patented Thumb Wrist and Ankle systems have been used by professional Athletes in Australia from the Wallabies Rugby Union to the Brisbane Broncos through the AFL, NBL and NRL. Now these same systems with NFL, NBA, MLB and English Premier League teams are back, in the most durable, strongest and longest used sustainably sourced natural material on the planet, Kangaroo Leather.
We are confident we have the highest quality, most durable and function restoring systems on the planet, for Work, Sport or Rehab, now for anyone to enjoy!
"It saved me"
Tim Horan Australian Wallabies
Original US Patented Heat form Thumb Brace
"I will bring him the sample brace you provided me at the conference.
As you know ~25% of all NBA players will sprain their ankles and miss games this year.
Always interested in learning more.”
NBA Doctor.​ Director, Performance Research & Development
"Gee takes a broken thumb into the sudden-death
semi final this Saturday"
Andrew Gee Brisbane Broncos
Original Wrist/Thumb Brace
“I have been recommending your brace for about 6 months or so. John Cory brought it to my attention and I am fully in support of it.  I love the brace(although it needs tweaked a bit for smaller feet) and have used it with a dozen or so athletes in the past few months.”
"Bears consider special protective ankle cast
  for 50 - 50 (Michael) Voss"
Michael Voss - AFL Brownlow Medalist
& Carlton Coach
Original custom US Patented Ankle brace
"Brilliant...Brilliant" Dr J Cory - Orthopedic Ankle Surgeon Arizona at FCB Barcelona
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Voss sitting.jpg